Hello world!

Well here we go…launched into cyber space and the crowded market of whisky blogging.

Now this is not intended as a one man show, hopefully as the blog gets more popular I will invite other writers and bloggers from Whisky Magazine and beyond to contribute their thoughts.

What I am hoping to do though is bring you new, possible pre magazine reviews, pictures and other ramblings. For course having launched this I am on holiday next week after putting the new edition of the mag (WM90) to bed.

So for my first post I thought I would share the new front cover. Now this is embargoed until Whisky Live Glasgow on Sept 11th as it contains the Icons of Scotland and Independent Bottlers’ Challenge winners, but there is no harm in looking at the cover.

As it’s our music special, that’s chairman of the Glen Rossie board in action, Francis Rossi of the mighty Status Quo.



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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to the digital world, Rob + Whisky Mag!

    Many happy posts, I hope.


  2. dg

    great idea, a clearinghouse of whisky and releated ideas

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