Play time is over

Well back at the desk, sifting through the few hundred emails that need attention and catching up with the whisky world.

Things have changed here at Whisky Towers. Those of you that use the website will notice it has been relaunched, all shiny and new. I think the new look is easier to read, navigate and get at all the excellent information our team of writers has created during the past decade, especially the wealth of tasting notes.

Elsewhere, it seems one door to the whisky making world closes, in this case the Make it at Bushmills competition, and another opens, the chance to get behind the scenes and hands on at Glenrothes.

Congratulations go to Ivan Ivanov, a 28-year old lifeguard from Svishtov Bulgaria, who will now be enjoying a little Irish hospitality while he grafts at Bushmills.

For those who fancy having a go at this whisky creating lark you can enter the Glenrothes competition here

One final thing worth mentioning is that a copy of Mr Broom’s new tome “The World Atlas of Whisky” has landed on my desk and it is a seriously good read, packed with information and some excellent pictures. Definitely a book for every whisky devotee’s bookshelf.


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