The day it all changed

Well as the title suggests today is one of those days where everything changes. The first monday in September is traditionally the back to school and work day. It also marks Labor Day in the US (the start of the college football season and other things including the symbolic end of summer).
As I left the house this morning my next door neighbours had their four children lined up outside in the school uniforms, the youngest starting school for the first time. It’s that sort of day.
I could tell things had changed on the road. My once relatively clear route into work is now peppered with commuters desperately shaving or putting on make up on while holding the wheel between their knees. The traffic jams are also back.
Here at Whisky Towers change is afoot as well. On friday we said goodbye to Jenna Leeds our production manager for the past few years. She had a hard act to follow in the form of Rubyna Sheikh, but she did the job of keeping editorial and design, and the rest of the stuff we do here, in shape and on time magnificently. We have two new people starting this week, Adele Blake joins in the role of events and sales manager and running the Live shows.
Rupert Wheeler will step into Jenna’s shoes, those kitten heels will look lovely, in the production role.
Good luck to both of them.
The weather, despite being gloriously sunny this morning, is set to turn soon. The wind is a little colder than before, Autumn is not far. Perhaps its time to change to heavier sherried and more peated whiskies that I would normally drink in the summer months. Do you change your whiskies drinking habits according to the seasons or is it just me?
What will you be changing?



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2 responses to “The day it all changed

  1. Summer time drams for me are light bodied in general. Lots of Cragganmore, Glenkinchie Distiller’s Edition and others. And in the dog days of summer I like Islay malts with an ice cube. Very refreshing!

    In the fall, I reach for the heavier drams: Highland Park 15, Macallan 12 and 15 (Fine Oak). In dead of winter, on a cold night, I reach for the big boys like Highland Park 18, Famous Grouse 30yrs and others.

  2. I tend to move to heavier, peatier drams in the fall and winter, too. However, in the fall, given a cool (but not chilly) evening, I like to sit outside and drink something that has some grassy or even toasted grain flavors in it. Doing that, I feel a little like I’m sucking the marrow out of the dead bones of summer…

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