Shackleton’s whisky

This is a great follow up to our story which ran in WM 86 April last year, and I think one of the most exciting stories in whisky at the moment.
Our man Dave Broom was in Glasgow today and we will be covering the story in more depth very soon, as soon as he gets back and can write it up.
For now here is the official line:
“One of the world’s most famous whiskies has been returned home to Scotland after spending more than 100 years untouched by human hand and encased in Antarctic ice.
Three bottles of the Mackinlays whisky which accompanied Ernest Shackleton on his 1907 expedition have been returned to brand owner Whyte & Mackay for scientific analysis.
The liquid is so rare and valuable that the Antarctic Heritage Trust and New Zealand authorities refused to let it travel unaccompanied and in the hold of any plane.
So Whyte & Mackay company owner Dr Vijay Mallya, the renowned Indian business mogul, stepped in to personally collect and fly the bottles back to Scotland using his private jet.
Whyte & Mackay’s master blender Richard Paterson will spend up to six weeks in full laboratory conditions analysing, nosing, tasting and “deconstructing” the whisky before reporting back to the Antarctic Heritage Trust.
Once the analysis is complete, the bottles will be transported back to New Zealand by private plane for their eventual return back to Shackleton’s hut on the Antarctic, unlikely to ever leave the ice again.


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