First 24hrs in New Delhi

Personally I don’t think enough people applaud when an international flight lands. This is what happened when KL0871 went wheels down in New Delhi the other night, in fact he got a standing ovation. Is it just the Indian nation that realises that most 747 flight are still landed by hand, and I am hoping not the sweaty, white knuckled variety. But this was my intro to Delhi. CLosely followed by the almost hushed, massive, aircon cooled halls of the airport. Seriously I thought America did it big… no no.

Thankfully most of the next day was spent within the hotel area, although this hotel would give American chains something to worry about. The room here, know as an executive suite, is about the size of the Paragraph office and the hotel lobby alone wound quite happily fit my house and office in it…seriously I have not seen that much marble. Then, as if that was not enough for the Indian marble corporation to cope with, the shopping centre (or mall if you as so persuaded) is almost a mile long and has five levels. Just mental.

Then there is the driving, or ‘aiming’ as our guy out here Sandeep calls it. Honestly it seems that road marking as some what less that suggestions, and I am surprised that the traffic lights are still up so long after Christmas…they are certainly just decorations. I found myself hurtling down this road looking out of the window at the space the driver was heading for thinking that’s about the right size for a motorbike…clearly he thinks the people carrier will fit in it. No wonder people pray as they cross junctions.

Ok so not so much about whisky so far, but let me say that the two bars I have visited as pretty serious. They would give an execellent Scotish whisky bar a run for the money. There is clearly a passion out here for whisky. We are not just talking about the so called first tier whiskies: your Glenfiddich 12s, Chivas 12 and Walker Blacks. There is a hunger to learn more, understand and taste variety.

The next few days should be interesting.


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