More tea sir

You have got to love a nation that prides itself on its love for tea. Japan, China, Britain and of course here in India. Something like a billion people across this great nation start their day with a cuppa. Let’s face it as a visitor, and possibly worried about water quality, tea is a very safe thing to drink.
However it made me think, when you look at the numbers, how did a nation like this hit recession.
There have to be at least seven industries involved in bringing the cuppa to the table, not least the tea growing itself. There are the matches (wood and sulphur); the drinking vessel (china, tin or plastic); the utilities (gas, electric and water); milk; sugar and of course something to boil the water in and stir the final refreshing brew with.
So where does the money go from all this? Can a nation be supported by its love for tea?


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