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Aberdeen’s Merchant Quarter has partnered with Glen Garioch, the city’s local distillery, to launch a Whisky Walk.

The Whisky Walk guides visitors around the historic Merchant Quarter’s bars where they can enjoy a dram or two and learn about Scotland’s national drink.

The tour features something for everyone, from the most ardent whisky fans to those just keen to know more about the famous spirit.

The Whisky Walk is being sponsored by Glen Garioch Distillery, Aberdeen’s local dram.  Based just 17 miles from the city centre, it boasts a proud Doric history and has been producing the finest whiskies for more than 200 years.

Walkers can hop on the bus at Union Square to tour the Glen Garioch Distillery in Oldmeldrum before heading back to the Merchant Quarter in Aberdeen to sample some of the region’s finest drams.

Gary Atkinson, of the Merchant Quarter, said the Whisky Walk offers something different for locals and tourists who want to experience the north east’s whisky heritage.

He said:  “We have a long whisky history in the north east and the Merchant Quarter bars wanted to celebrate that and so the Whisky Walk was born.  With the Glen Garioch Distillery on our doorstep it lets people experience an authentic working distillery and then enjoy the fruits of it on our Whisky Walk.

“The 12 bars taking part have more than 200 whiskies in stock and the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff can help you select the dram to suit you.  We hope the Whisky Walk will offer Aberdonians and visitors a little taste of Scotland and the Highland whisky region.”

John Mullen, Glen Garioch brand manager, said the distillery was delighted to support the Merchant Quarter Whisky Walk.

He said: “Glen Garioch is proud to be Aberdeen’s local malt and the Whisky Walk is a perfect way for whisky newcomers and enthusiasts alike to experience the region’s whisky history.

“Glen Garioch is one of the oldest remaining distilleries still in production and produces some of the finest single malts which are lauded the world over.  With the distillery just 17 miles from the city you can see whisky production in action before savouring the liquid in a tour of the Merchant Quarter bars making it a perfect day out.”

Gordon McIntosh, Aberdeen City Council’s Director of Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure, warmly welcomed the Merchant Quarter Initiative.

He said “North east whisky production is a key part of our heritage and initiatives like this bring it to life for locals and visitors alike.

“It is fantastic to secure the support of local distillery Glen Garioch.  The Whisky Walk will offer something for everyone, from whisky buffs to those just keen to know more about the north-east’s whisky history.”

The Merchant Quarter Whisky Walk includes 12 bars offering everything from a smooth and mellow experience in Carmelite Bar and Grill with its selection of 40 whiskies, woody and spicy whisky fun at the Prince of Wales and Old Kings Highway to a smoky and peaty flavour at The Hen Hoose and The Lorne Bar.    


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