The Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame

This year we have made one important change to the Icons of Whisky line up. In the past we have honoured members of the industry with a Lifetime Achievement award. We have now evolved this award into the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame. All those who have been given a Lifetime award will be elevated to the Hall of Fame.

Inspired by the top 100 greatest whisky figures in history who appeared in the 100th edition of the magazine, the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame will be a permanent tribute honouring those noteworthy individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the world of whisky.

Douglas Campbell

Master distiller and brand ambassador Tomatin Distillery

Now joining the lofty ranks of those having passed 50 years in the industry, Our first inductee tonight has worked at the same distillery throughout his whisky career.

He started in 1961 as a clerk, and has worked through almost every area in the distillery; from the maltings, filling store, mash house, still house, cooperage, head  brewer in 1988, then distillery manager in 1990. He was appointed master distiller in 2009, and now works as a brand ambassador.

With his vast experience, his role is to keep track of the whiskies as they develop their own distinctive characters and then he decides how best to utilise these casks, to maintain the consistently high standard of his whiskies.

Richard Forsyth

Chairman Forsyths

For the last 80 years members of our next inductee’s family have worked at the heart of the whisky business.

By investing heavily in making sure the company has the finest artisans, and by maintaining quality the company has flourished.

In the last few years the company has contributed its expertise to the likes of The Glenlivet, Macallan, Glenmorangie and the building of the distillery Ailsa Bay at Girvan.

It designed, installed and commissioned the fully automated distillery in Taiwan that is now so successfully producing rising star Kavalan, and it has involved in projects in Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden.

Elmer T. Lee

Master distiller and brand ambassador Buffalo Trace Distillery

Elmer is known throughout the industry for his expertise and knowledge of Bourbon whiskey. His career in Bourbon began after the Second World War when in September 1949 he began working in the engineering department at a distillery in Frankfort.

Although retired in 1985, he continues to serve as ambassador, educating the world on the unique qualities of Kentucky’s Bourbon whiskey.

In 1984 he introduced the single barrel bourbon concept to the world and is also only one of three living master distillers who have a Bourbon whiskey named after them.

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