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Cornish whisky

Word came to me today that next year we might be seeing the release of a Cornish Whisky.

Not a lot of information floating around about is but we did carry an interview back in WM44 with former operations manager of the Cornish Cyder Farm Steve Cadwallader and head brewer at St Austell Brewery Roger Ryman, who were distilling at the Cornish Cyder Farm at Penhallow, near Newquay.

Roger was quoted in the article as having spoken to people in the industry in Scotland and had  been given clear advice not to release their product too soon. He added at the time they might be looking at an eight year maturation.

This was in 2002. Could it be…….?

Watch this space.


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The rumour mill

I love it when the rumour mill starts churning. Who has bought this? Have you heard they are up for sale? Some news will be announced next week but we are being tight lipped at the moment…to a journalist this stuff is great. Gossip always is.

So I thought it was time to comment on three little gems that emerged over the Whisky Live Glasgow weekend.

1. Bruichladdich has not been sold. Was not up for sale as far as I am aware.

2. Ardbeg has not been sold either, and certainly not to Diageo who already own a 30 odd per cent share.

3. Diageo has bought the Broxburn site, which it will probably use for warehousing and storage. Diageo bought the site two years ago on a leaseback basis to Glenmorangie for the interim period pending its final move out.

You have got to love rumours…

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